Celebrate Canada Day 2020

This will be a Canada Day unlike anything we’ve experienced and we want to celebrate our wonderful country with our closest family and friends.  It is a time to relax and enjoy the holiday by the water. We hope everyone has a fantastic time this Canada Day and follows our Do’s and Don’ts on your […]

Accessible Docks

CanadaDocks dock kits are designed to suit every age and ability. It is our mandate to ensure that everyone can have fun on the water. Your dock is an extension of your waterfront property. You want everyone who lives or visits your space to feel comfortable and welcome. That includes accessibility on your dock. With […]

Buyers Guide To Solar Lights

Solar lights are often the finishing touch to your dock. Not only do they make the dock look fantastic at night, they are one of the most useful and necessary accessories for safety. CanadaDocks offers three types of solar lights. Discover the right solar lights to best suit your dock. 360 Degree Solar Dock Lights […]

Small Watercraft Storage Done Right

Getting out on the water in a kayak, paddle board or canoe is one of the greatest summer activities.  There is no better feeling that getting out on the water, bringing yourself closer to nature and further away from life’s everyday stresses. Once you’ve invested in one of these small non-motorized watercrafts, it is important […]