Dock accessories are a key ingredient to your dock set-up. They are often a less than glamorous item but have a very important function to the overall enjoyment of the dock. We have compiled a list of MUST HAVE dock accessories to get the most out of your dock.


If you own a boat and keep it at the cottage, dock cleats are ESSENTIAL. Cleats come in all shapes, sizes and colours. The best dock cleats flip down when not in use to avoid being a tripping hazard.

CanadaDocks Dock Cleat


Just like dock cleats. If you own a boat and keep it at the cottage, bumpers are a must. Bumpers protect your boat from your dock. The most common bumpers are robust vertical bumpers that are adjustable to suit your needs. Bumpers are also used as finishing trim for your dock.

vertical bumpers


Adding solar charging LED dock lights to your dock brings it to life at night. From a safety perspective, dock lights allows for safe dock use after the sun has set. By placing lights along the perimeter of your dock, it helps prevent any injuries from falling off of the dock in darkness.

White Solar LED lights on a CanadaDocks dock with Boat and JetSki


Love to swim from the dock? If you answered yes that means you probably already have a ladder or plan on getting one. The best ladders come with flip-up attachments that allow you to remove it from the water when not used. Why is this useful? It simply keeps the steps clean and adds years of life to the ladder.

canadadocks flip up ladder


Adding a flag pole kit to your dock has many benefits. First off, flying your countries flag is a great way to show your patriotism. You can also fly the flag of your favourite sports team, alma mater or a family crest. Flying a flag also allows you to read wind direction.

canadadocks flag pole
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