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A Dock Fit for the Pan Am Games | Toronto Dock Installation

This year Toronto is hosting the 64th Pan Am Games and 5th Parapan Am Games, and CanadaDocks™ is glad to help! The Toronto Pan Am Games and Parapan Am Games are the largest multi-sport events hosted in Canada in terms of number of athletes. They run from July 10th to 26th, and August 7th to 15th respectively. The games feature 41 countries and 6,135 athletes.

The City of Toronto came to CanadaDocks™ looking for something to replace their nearly 50 year old wooden dock that clearly saw better days on Toronto’s Center Island (as you can see below). City organizers were quickly sold on CanadaDocks™ lightweight, sleek look, and the fact that it is maintenance free. Furthermore with the anticipated wave of visitors and athletes coming to Toronto the city needed the dock in place and ready before everything got started. We were happy to deliver.

As a part of our assembly and installation services, the docks were assembled by CanadaDocks™ technicians at the shop in Beeton, Ontario and brought it in on a trailer. This service is available to all of our customers, for an extra fee technicians will assemble deliver and install docks all across the Southern Ontario region.

Floating docks were ideal for this location due to the water depth at the shoreline. Floating docks are perfect for deep waters, because they rise and fall when water fluctuates and will always stay level. We’re proud to say that this dock is one that will last decades and will never rot and decay like their previous dock. So now the team can worry about the games and not maintaining there dock.

We wish all the city employees, athletes, residents and visitors a great Pan Am Games!

Watch to see a quick overview of the dock installation on Centre Island 🙂

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