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Buyers Guide To Dock Bumpers

Dock Bumpers are the must have item for all boat and dock owners. We want to make sure you are protecting your dock and boat as best as possible. Our guide to the types of dock bumpers will help you ensure the longevity of your boat and your dock.

There are many different bumpers on the market today, and making sure that you have the right one is essential to protecting your pride and joy. Here is our guide to the types of dock bumpers and how to find the ones that will serve you best.

The Must Have Accessory

Dock bumpers provide peace of mind, no matter what the weather conditions or the skill level of the person docking your boat. Life happens, and you want to ensure that no matter the situation, your boat and your dock are protected. Even the most skilled boater may have an unforeseen issue when docking their boat. It only takes a moment to do some serious damage. Not to mention weather phenomena that can harm your dock and boat if you don’t have adequate bumpers.

Experts advise that the more boat dock bumpers that you have, the safer your vessel will be. One dock bumper for every 10’ of waterline with a minimum of 3 bumpers is recommended.

When purchasing dock bumpers, we advise to watch for quality of the bumper, the size of your boat, as well as the type of dock system you have in place to determine how many bumpers you will need. Our dock experts are on hand to offer personalized advice on the best bumpers for you. There are three types of bumpers that we carry that have gone through our rigorous quality control check. We advise using a variety of different bumpers to ensure the safety of your boat and dock in any conditions.

Dolphin Corner Bumper

Potentially the hardest hit spot of your dock will be the corner. Without protection, both your boat and dock can be damaged if there is a large impact. No matter the configuration of your CanadaDocks, you’ll have to maneuver your boat around corners. The Dolphin Corner Bumper is one of the strongest corner bumpers on the market. It is an air-filled bumper constructed from PVC with UV inhibitors and fungicides. It is constructed with a built-in air valve for inflation or deflation if necessary. Not only functional, it is aesthetically pleasing with three colour options available; white, beige, and grey. They match our P Bumpers, another essential bumper in our collection. Corner Bumpers also help to assist you in fending off, providing extra resistance to help straighten the boat out when you get close to the dock.

P Bumper

A P Bumper is a horizontal bumper that runs alongside the edge of your dock. They are called “P” Bumpers, due to the shape of the bumper when they are viewed from the side. P Bumpers are a must have for any dock owner, as they give a sleek, finished look to the edge of your dock, as well as provide protection to your boat and dock from scratches, dents, and more. P Bumpers can be placed all around your dock, depending on your needs. They are essential along the side of the dock finger where your boat will be. Ensure that you don’t have any gaps along the edge of the dock when installing the P Bumpers. Our dock experts will let you know the right length for you. It is important to have enough to cover more than the length of your boat to ensure everything is protected. Our P Bumpers are constructed out of marine grade PVC. They have UV inhibitors and fungicides which help to prevent yellowing, deterioration from sunlight, and unsightly blotching. Matching our Corner Bumpers, they are available in three colours; white, beige and grey. P Bumpers can be easily installed in minutes.

Vertical Bumper

Just like the name says, Vertical Bumpers are installed vertically against your dock to prevent damage and guide your boat into place. They are often best used when at least two are installed at key points along the finger of the dock. Our dock experts can help advise on the right spot to install yours, depending on the dock configuration and boat size. Vertical Bumpers are useful to protect your boat from scratches and dents. They can be easily adjusted up or down depending on your needs to ensure that your boat is protected to the fullest extent. This cn be especially helpful for docks that are on lakes with varying water levels. They are also easier to see when you are docking your boat. This is an added bonus for novice boaters or even experts who are docking in less than ideal weather conditions. Available in a sleek black colour, our Vertical Bumpers are easy to install with an adjustable mounting bracket and all mounting hardware included.

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