Since 2006 CanadaDocks has changed the industry by continuing to create newly innovative products never before seen. We’re the only dock on the market to offer a formed aluminum truss, ensuring that our dock is light and yet as strong as possible. This summer, watch for CanadaDocks to shake up the market once again by becoming the exclusive distributor of Snap Dock floating modular dock kits.

Manufactured in Carmel, Indiana, Snap Dock has made a splash in the US market as a leader in plastic, modular floating docks. Snap Dock builds easy to build docks and PWC ports. We are eager to introduce CanadaDocks customers to this unique brand. It has the same values that you have come to know and trust with CanadaDocks.

  • Unique modular structure

  • Unparalleled Production Quality

  • Streamlined, Easy to Build Design

“For Snap Dock, CanadaDocks is the perfect partner for us in Canada as they have a complementary product line, great marketing team, and a commitment to leading the market in design, quality and innovation,” Snap Dock President Blake Elder said.

CanadaDocks dock kits are extremely lightweight and strong. They are built to last in most bodies of water. But Canada’s climate conditions change drastically from coast to coast, and there are some areas that would benefit from a heavier dock with a higher level of floatation. Snap Dock’s use of industrial grade plastic offers a unique option to CanadaDocks aluminum structure, which is beneficial for customers whose waterfront requires a heavier structure with a different level of buoyancy.

Both companies share a desire to create innovative products that will withstand the elements, without compromising on aesthetic design and customer usability. Both companies offer modular dock kits, with an easy to install, streamlined design.

“We’re delighted to offer our clientele an expanded product line with the partnership with Snap Dock. Canadians face incredibly different climate situations from coast to coast, and it is impossible to serve every waterfront with the same type of dock. By offering Snap Dock in addition to the CanadaDocks dock kits, we’re able to reach more customers and provide the right product for the right location and climate conditions,” Paul Koziorowski, Vice President of CanadaDocks, explained.

Watch for Snap Dock to make its Canadian debut this summer, 2020.

Snap Dock PWC Port

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