Standing 8' Sections

CanadaDocks™ 8′ wide Dock Sections are made with marine grade, high quality aluminum, making them extremely strong yet lightweight. They are corrosion resistant, ensuring that maintenance is minimal. Our unique DIY design makes them easy to assemble and reconfigure as needed.

Standing Dock Kits are available with adjustable 1’- 2’, 2’- 4’ and 4’- 8’ telescopic leg lengths. Made with CanadaDocks signature aluminum trusses and joists, this dock is lightweight, highly durable and looks beautiful. Combined with the Quick Link Dock and connection system, the potential dock configurations are limitless. The modular design also enables easy seasonal installation and removal.

The name Quick Link says it all. Our unique standing dock connection system encourages creativity with your dock layout by making connecting and disconnecting sections simple. The connecting bracket and locking pin system (included) gives you the flexibility to change around your dock configuration to get the most out of your investment