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Celebrate Canada Day 2020

This will be a Canada Day unlike anything we’ve experienced and we want to celebrate our wonderful country with our closest family and friends.  It is a time to relax and enjoy the holiday by the water. We hope everyone has a fantastic time this Canada Day and follows our Do’s and Don’ts on your CanadaDocks.

DO - Make A Splash & Have Fun On The Water

Enjoy all of your water toys this Canada Day. Using paddle boards, kayaks, and canoes have never been easier with our Paddle Board Rack and Canoe and Kayak Rack. Find out why storing them on our storage racks is the best option for your non-motorized personal watercrafts by clicking here.

DON'T - Light Fireworks Off Your Dock

Ensure that you are being as safe as possible when lighting fireworks. We recommend setting them off on land, preferably near sand or grass. Or opt for a safer option that can be enjoyed on your dock like sparklers or glow sticks. 

DO - Protect Your Boat & Dock

These long summer days are meant to be enjoyed by the water, on your dock and boat. We hope you spend as much time as possible outdoors. Make sure that your dock and boat are protected against the great Canadian elements with proper bumpers. Check out our guide to the right bumpers for your dock and boat here.

DON'T - Take Chances With Fire Safety

Having a marshmallow roast on a portable fire pit on your dock sounds like fun, but could be hazardous. Prevent any dangerous fires and damage to your dock by having any bonfires on land.

DO - Show Your Canadian Pride

Show your patriotism by proudly displaying a Canadian Flag. Our Flag Pole Kit can be easily installed right into your CanadaDocks dock kit and is now on sale!

DON'T - Take Safety For Granted

Ensure that your dock is equipped with proper accessories for your family and friends to feel safe on the water. Read our complete guide for accessible dock accessories for more information.

DO - Follow Provincial Guidelines

Make sure that everyone that you are celebrating with is healthy and abiding by all provincial health laws in accordance with COVID-19. We hope you all have a wonderful Canada Day celebration!

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