Situated on 3 acres in picturesque Hockley Valley, Ontario, our story begins with Monika and Jorn.  Over 30 years ago they moved from the city, trading in buildings and noise for rolling acres and tranquility.  CanadaDocks™ had the pleasure of working with Monika and Jorn over the summer to help transform their yard into an oasis that rivals any lakefront cottage.

Years ago, Monika and Jorn cleared out the existing forested area in the front of their home.  They built a man-made pond and installed a small wooden dock.  As avid entertainers who loved hosting their friends and family, it was important for them to create a place to host parties outside.  A dock on the pond was the perfect solution for them.

As the years carried on, the wooden dock started to show signs of wear.  After a particularly bad storm one summer night, they woke to find their wooden dock torn to pieces.  It was time for a change.

Monika and Jorn researched several companies, including CanadaDocks™.  When they spoke with our sales and dock expert, Cindy, they knew they’d found the perfect solution.

“We talked with Cindy and she explained it all.  Cindy was very good, very informative, not pressuring, showing us everything.  We wanted to go square, but Cindy helped me to get it this way.  And I think that the hexagon, because the floats are outside of the gazebo, it provides better stability.”

They chose the 14’x16’ floating hexagon with the 4’x8’ floating ramp.  As Jorn noted, the additional floats on the hexagon are configured in a way that allows for maximum stability.  This is especially important in this case, as Monika and Jorn installed a gazebo onto the Thruflow™ decking, adding extra weight onto the dock.

As a self-proclaimed handyman, Jorn was confident that he would be able to construct and install the dock himself.  He didn’t realize just how easy it would be.  “The assembly, there was not much to it.  We picked it up and two days later it was ready to go in the water.  The boxes were not heavy.  One person could carry the dock no problem.  And the instructions were simple, well explained, and I had no problems.  And if I wanted to extend this one, I wouldn’t hesitate to go back and buy the rest of it.”

They wanted a system that they could leave in the water all year long.  While we always recommend removing docks over the winter due to the damage caused by ice shifting, there are some exceptions.  Since this floating dock is on a smaller pond with limited exposure to the elements, our team assured Monika and Jorn that they would be able to leave it in over the winter.

Installing a dock kit that would require little to no maintenance was also of the utmost importance to Monika and Jorn.  After the trouble they faced with their wooden dock, they were delighted to hear of our limited lifetime warranty program.  “With this warranty (the dock) would outlast any kind of wood.  The lifetime warranty was very, very important to us.  This way we were assured that if something goes wrong, we can go back and ask for help.”

Now the happy couple can enjoy time together on the water.  They have already hosted parties for friends and family and look forward to enjoying more time on their CanadaDocks™ dock kit.  “I would see myself recommending CanadaDocks to my friends and to people who are looking for a dock.”

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