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Dock Stories – The Hidden Gem At Pier 31

Step into the community at Pier 31, in Belleville, Ontario and you’ll find yourself transported into a charming waterfront village. With a lakefront to rival any cottagers dream, the community that lives here enjoys lakefront living all year long. CanadaDocks and their partnering dealer, The Clemco Group, worked with the residents to revitalize the lakefront with a new dock kit.

Rising water levels of Lake Ontario was the largest factor in why they needed a new dock. Their old wooden dock began to flood, and the heavy, rotting structure became unsafe for use.

Local Services With A Personalized Touch

Janet Goneau, a resident at Pier 31, met with a committee of her neighbours to come up with a new waterfront living space. She worked with local CanadaDocks Dealer Greg Clements of The Clemco Group to envision a new dock.

“Greg was so accommodating and so helpful. Every question I had, he answered. No problem at all. He brought the dock down, and he’s going to come back and take it out for us and show us how to do it.”

The benefit of working with one of CanadaDocks many dealers across North America is the option to use their local services. Many of our dealers offer building services as well as seasonal installation and removal.

Customized For A Community

According to Janet, choosing CanadaDocks was the right choice for many reasons. She wanted something that would last and aluminum docks will last much longer than wooden docks. It was also important to her to have a dock that was made in Canada. All CanadaDocks components are manufactured in our shop in Beeton, Ontario.

The dock kit included:

The Finishing Touches

Accessories were the finishing touch on their dock masterpiece. Working with a dealer gave the added benefit of taking advantage of their expertise on the best accessories to get. With Greg’s advice, the committee added in solar lights and the solar safety ring to give the dock a nautical feel. “What we got is exactly what we wanted.” They also have plans to add onto the dock as the years go by. With many avid kayakers in the community, they may add in our Access Platform and additional sections to make the square footage of the dock larger.

“It really fits here, it’s extremely functional and the nice thing it that it’s not over the top expensive. It is extremely affordable.”

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