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Why Lift When You Can Roll | Dock Wheel Kit

Here at CanadaDocks we pride ourselves in innovation, each year we work to improve and add to our already excellent product line and this year is no exception. We are pleased to announce our newest product, the Standing Dock Wheel Kit! This has been a project in the works for quite some time and thanks to our R&D team it has finally come to pass. Our wheel kit can be attached to any CanadaDocks Standing Dock system, which means if you already have a standing dock, or are looking to buy one you now have the option to roll it right into the water!

CanadaDocks Wheel Kit-1

The notion of a rolling dock has been in talks at CanadaDocks for quite a while. We very much wanted something that would make our customers dock installation even easier and the wheel kit does just that. The standing wheel kit is the result of months of research and development, our team perfected the axle system to ensure it will hold the weight and give the support that’s needed.

Our system is designed for ease of use, in only a few minutes you can have your wheel kit set up and ready to go. Whether you have a long intricate dock with many pieces or just a small 4’x8′ this wheel kit can be added to it all, working seamlessly with our Quick link system you can now attach your dock pieces on the shore and roll it in one piece. The wheels are telescopic, so you can adjust the height to whatever depth is needed, and unlike our competitors, this system is designed to be permanent. So you don’t have to take the wheels off after rolling it into the water, you simply push it in and anchor it down.

Another day, another great product from CanadaDocks™! Enjoy our Standing Dock Wheel Kit gallery.



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