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Docks fit for a Dragon: CanadaDocks™ at the Barrie Dragon Boat Festival

The highly anticipated Barrie Dragon Boat Festival is back in full force on August 22nd and it’s sure to be packed with adrenaline. With an impressive lineup of racing teams, vendors and spectators supporting local charities, it’s certain to be the biggest and best year yet. Since its inception the festival has raised over $1.5 million for more than 60 charities, and they hope to continue with that momentum this year.

CanadaDocks™ has been a proud sponsor of the festival for the past 6 years by providing our 4’x8′ floating boat dock extensions to their existing waterfront docks. It’s been wonderful supporting  such a good cause, so this year when the director wanted more boat docks, we were happy to deliver!

Barrie Dragon Boat Festival 2013-14

Barrie Dragon Boat Festival 2013-13

Since a dragon boat is much larger than your average boat, the permanent docks at the Barrie waterfront are simply too short for the 40ft giants used in the festival. Chris Vanderkruys, the event organizer, wanted a more permanent solution to this problem. So by attaching a custom triangular piece to side of one of the original docks, we were able to build out a beautiful 8’x64′ floating boat dock and build a gorgeous gate that will be the entrance way for contestants. Now the competitors will have their own private deck to practice and dock their boats after the races.

Barrie Dragon Boat Gate and Boat Dock - 3

CanadaDocks Barrie Dragon Boat Gate-2

Just another day providing maintenance free floating boat docks for satisfied customers!


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