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Floating Docks in Downtown Toronto

Floating Docks Assembled and Delivered

CanadaDocks is proud to ship our easy to assemble Do-It-Yourself dock system across North America. We have customers from east to west, north to south, and year over year we are seeing more clients buying our DIY docks. On top of that this year our assembly and delivery service for Ontario dock customers is growing exponentially! This summer we’ve been happy to assemble, deliver and install floating docks for customer all across Ontario.

Flat Bed Trailer Loaded with Floating Dock Sections
Installing Floating Docks in Toronto Ontario
CanadaDocks Floating Docks Installation

Recently the Ministry of Natural Resources hired CanadaDocks™ to do just that. Our team assembled the 4’x16 Ramp hinging onto an 8’x32′ Floating Dock, delivered and installed it right off of the Queens Quay on the Toronto waterfront. The floating docks light weight, durability and the fact that it’s maintenance free made it such an obvious choice compered to other dock manufacturers. Many dock floats are air filled only, which makes them easily susceptible to being punctured. With CanadaDocks™ you will always receive the highest quality dock floats that are both foam filled and are sure to last for generations. For this installation our team created a custom hinge that perfectly linked with the pier, this way the dock fit seamlessly with the waterfront, as if it was meant to be there all along.

CanadaDocks Floating Docks in Toronto Ontario
CanadaDocks Floating Docks Ontario
CanadaDocks Floating Dock Toronto Ontario

Coming from our Beeton, Ontario location our team assembled the docks in house, loaded it on the trailer and brought it down to the city. This floating dock is right in the heart of downtown, and was simply the perfect complement to this area. Right from the deck you can see CN Tower, Radisson Blu Toronto Downtown and more!  The dock will be used by the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Toronto Police Marine Unit and Ontario Conservation Officers so it’s sure to be put to good use. If you’re in the area stop by and check it out!

CanadaDocks Floating Docks Installation

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