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Get Your Dock Rolling With Wheel Kits

There is no better feeling than sitting on your dock, leaving all of your responsibilities behind and having fun on the water. CanadaDocks wants to make your dock ownership the best possible experience, and that includes making seasonal installation and removal as easy as possible.

It all starts with the unique construction of our docks. Our aluminum, bolt-together dock kits are the most lightweight on the market. They are easy to lift and install. But we made the whole process even easier with the CanadaDocks Wheel Kits. That’s right, you can now roll your dock in and out of the water.

The Great Dock Innovation

The CanadaDocks design team, locally based just north of Toronto, envisioned and created this amazing solution for dock owners everywhere. The Wheel Kit is a comprised of 24” wheels and aluminum axles. CanadaDocks carries wheel kits for both standing and floating docks.

Standing Dock Wheel Kit

The standing dock wheel kit can be easily attached to the telescopic legs of your CanadaDocks kit. Available in 4’ and 8’ axle lengths, the wheel kit is a versatile option for almost any of our dock configurations. See our easy to follow instructions here.

Floating Dock Wheel Kit

Our stable and buoyant CanadaDocks floating docks, filled with industry trusted and recommended Eagle Floats, has received a major upgrade with the innovation of the Floating Dock Wheel Kit. Similar to the Standing Dock Wheel Kit, this version also has 24” wheels and aluminum axles. It attaches to the center of the dock kit with added chains and an EMT conduit pipe. Discover how easy this installation is by watching this video.

Wheel Kit FAQs

CanadaDocks accessories work best on CanadaDocks dock kits, but you are able to use the wheel kit on other docks as well. For standing docks, know the correct measurements of the legs and the width of the dock. If it is comparable to the CanadaDocks dock kits, then it will work. We recommend speaking with our dock experts to determine if wheel kits will work for you.

Wheel kits on standing docks can be used on most lake bottoms. A sandy bottom works the best for rolling your dock in and out of the water as it is the easiest with the least amount of obstructions. A rocky bottom works as well as long as you can avoid larger boulders that may cause the wheels to get stuck. Silty lake bottoms can work as well, but we advise testing how deep the wheels and axle can get buried, as it would make it more difficult to extract from the water.

With floating docks, you won’t have any concerns with the lake bottom, but rather the shoreline. Wheel kits that can glide along the shoreline make it easy for floating docks to be installed, especially if you have multiple sections.

Knowing the depth of the water is important when determining between a standing and floating dock. Wheel kits can be used in generally all depths. When measuring your water depth and comparing it to the telescopic legs that we offer, remember that our heavy duty wheels add an extra 12” in height.

Yes, you can. Many customers have easily used their vehicle to move their dock. We recommend putting a piece of board in front so you don’t risk any damage to the truss. When pulling out, use the corners when attaching straps as this is the strongest anchoring point, not just the truss itself.

Yes. They are designed to withstand the elements and remain in the water. This makes it simple to roll in and out of the water as the seasons change.

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