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Have You Heard of ThruFlow™?

If you haven’t heard of ThruFlow™ yet, you should check out our ThruFlow™ product page, where you will find all the information you need about this premium decking solution. ThruFlow™ is a specialized form of decking that replaces conventional wood with specially designed fibre-reinforced polypropylene panels, and it is proudly manufactured in Ontario, Canada. They are by no means new to the industry though, as they have been manufacturing solid panelling since 1991.

Better than traditional decking

ThruFlow™ decking has many advantages over traditional wood decking. Whereas wood requires regular upkeep and maintenance, ThruFlow™ decking is guaranteed to last at least 10 years without any treatment required. ThruFlow™ is anti-microbial, which means that there will be absolutely no rot, mildew, or insects. ThruFlow™ is lightweight and strong, coming in at half the weight of wood, with the ability to hold 1500 lbs. mid-span! And if you are worried about the material heating up, don’t; ThruFlow™ decking always stays within 2-3 degrees of the outside ambient temperature, so you can stay cool under the hot sun.  Its no-slip surface, combined with UV resistant material makes it just as solid and long-lasting as our premium aluminum docks. That is why we use ThruFlow™ decking in all of our complete dock kit packages.

Included in all of our complete dock kits

We have partnered with ThruFlow™ to provide you with the best docks possible. All of our dock and ramp complete kits come with ThruFlow™ decking. ThruFlow™ makes it even easier to install our docks, because you don’t have any nails to worry about; there are uniform screw holes placed strategically around the ThruFlow™ decking panels, which line up perfectly with our aluminum dock frames.

Convenience, safety, and aesthetic beauty is what sets ThruFlow™ apart from traditional wood decking. Just like us, ThruFlow™ strives to bring you the best product possible, and that is why ThruFlow™ is the best choice for premium decking.

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