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How To Store Your Dock This Winter

The time has come once again to remove your dock from the water. We always advise removing your dock for the winter. Find out why here. Since CanadaDocks builds strong yet lightweight docks, we make it easy to remove your dock as the seasons change. Our docks are constructed with a durability that ensures an easy transition in and out of the water. Our docks are made from corrosion-resistant materials such as anodized aluminum, stainless, and galvanized steel so it can withstand the harshest of winters. Here are our tips for storing your dock this winter.

Pick Your Spot

Before you start your removal, determine where you will put your dock. We suggest a spot close enough to the shore line, so you don’t need to pull it too far in out of the water. It is important to make sure that is isn’t too close to the water, so accumulating and shifting ice can’t reach your dock. A flat surface is ideal to prevent warping.

Stack Your Docks

Once you have picked your spot, you can start storing your docks by stacking them. Whether you have a standing or floating dock, both types can be stacked on top of each other. Since our docks are made from corrosion-resistant materials there is no harm if they get covered in snow. We recommend not covering the docks with a tarp as you may find animals living in there over the winter. 


There are a few different ways that you can stack your standing docks. The bottom dock can be flipped over, so the decking is on the bottom. In this case, we recommend placing wooden boards between the dock and the ground. This will keep the dock from getting dirty and possibly warping. It will also protect the grass underneath.

Alternatively, your standing dock can be stacked by alternating directions (right side up and flipped). See the picture below where the bottom dock is right side up. When doing this, make sure the docks are stacked decking onto decking to prevent scratches. By stacking them slightly askew, you can allow the legs to hang over the side.

If you stack your dock with the ladder attached on top, you won’t need to remove it.


For floating docks, you can stack them one on top of another, as the plastic floats won’t cause any scratches. We recommend not stacking more than two floating docks at a time.

Label Your Dock Sections

With a modular dock system with adjustable legs, it is important to remember the configuration once you’ve taken the dock out of the water so you know how to get it back in again in the spring. Make your dock simple to reinstall later by labelling each section in the order that it goes in the water. You can buy tags at any hardware store or dollar store.

It also helps to take photos of your dock configuration, especially where you have hinges in between the docks, to remember how it was installed.

Flags Mark The Spot

Place flag markers at the corners of your docks, to remember where they are in case of a heavy snowfall. You’ll want to make sure no snowmobiles cross over your docks if they are not visible.

Storing Dock Accessories

Dock accessories need proper care and storage over the winter months as well, to ensure that they last you a long time. Some, but not all, accessories need to be removed.

P bumpers and dock corners can stay on the dock through the winter, you don’t need to remove them. 

We advise removing solar lights from the dock and placing them in a window ledge. If they stay on the dock over the winter they may get scratched during storage or coverd in snow, which will cause them to stay on and not be recharged by the sun. Over all decreasing their life time.

Accessories such as Ladders, the Canoe and Kayak Rack, Paddle Board Holder, and Storage Box Holder should be removed to make stacking easier. (See the above picture of how to stack a ladder if it is possible with your dock configuration). Our dock experts have created these accessories with easy removal in mind. All you need to do is take out the stainless steel poles. You can leave the mounting hardware in for quick installation in the spring. Store these accessories in a garage or shed, where they can stay safe and dry.

What To Do With Wheel Kits

Wheel kits make removing and reinstalling your dock a breeze. All you have to do is attach them once onto your standing or floating dock, roll it into the water, and leave it.

When you store your dock over the winter, wheel kits make the process even easier. Simply roll your dock out of the water to the designated storage area. 

You do not need to remove your wheel kit, it can stay on throughout the winter. You will need to account for them when stacking your docks. You may want to place a brick in front of them to prevent the possibility of rolling. When stacking one on top of another, all you need to do is place them slightly to one side to account for the 24″ wide wheels.

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