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Lake CanadaDocks™

For many years, our team at CanadaDocks have discussed the idea of creating a man-made pond at our head office for product testing. On Friday, June 23rd, 2017, we got our pond, although we weren’t expecting it and it was in our parking lot…

If you have ever been to our facility on the Adjala-Tecumseth TL outside of Beeton, ON, then you know we are surrounded by corn fields. The night before the flood we received 76mm of rain. By the next morning roads, fields, backyards and basements were flooded.

The odd thing about this flood was the fact that our parking lot did not start to flood until many hours after the rain event. When our employees arrived to work Friday morning, the parking lot was dry. By Friday afternoon, water started to trickle its way into the parking lot and by Saturday morning we had up to 2`of standing water. The guys that came into work on the Saturday had many creative ways of getting from their car to the shop, some wore hip waders, others rubber boots and some strolled through the water in shorts as if they were at the beach.

Nearby farmers are facing devastating losses from the flood, with that amount of rain, keeping up with the water was a tall task. Even fish from nearby streams ended up in local farm fields as seen in this article on

The Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority (NVCA) has dubbed this rain event as a “100 year storm”. With more than 100mm of rain falling on the south end of the watershed, flooding was inevitable.

We are happy to report that the water has receded and our parking lot is no longer under water.

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