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Manitouwabing Lake

In every occupation a change of pace can be beneficial. Whether its a week off to recharge your batteries or simply a change of routine, the gaining of a new perspective is enlightening. Our week testing products and photography was just that, a much needed change of pace and in the end, a new perspective.

As a dock manufacturer, testing our products go beyond just standing and jumping on a section to see how it holds up, we must immerse ourselves in the cottage lifestyle. The only way to relate to our customers is to experience their lifestyle first hand and experience everything from planning the dock configuration, loading and unloading the product, assembly, installation and last but definitely not least, enjoying the finished product.

On the second week of July, our CanadaDocks crew switched gears and spent the week together testing products and capturing video and photography. Our setting for the week was at a beautiful cottage on Manitouwabing Lake that looked like it could have been clipped right out of a Cottage Life magazine. It had a commanding view of the lake and was a warm and welcoming home away from home for our CanadaDocks crew and the friends and family who joined us for the week.

Our week started at our home base in Beeton, ON where we had loaded up the trailer with enough product to sustain us for the week ahead. When we arrived at the cottage, we spent the first day unpacking our gear and getting settled. The first day also gave us a chance to survey our surroundings and plan how to safely and efficiently carry the sections down to the water to install them. The shoreline was rocky and slippery, but also shallow so we knew we had to approach each section installation with safety in mind.

The weather forecast for the week called for hot and humid weather with only one day calling for rain, it didn’t disappoint. On the second day we hit the ground running with our first dock install, a floating dock containing a 4’x8′ complete ramp, two 8’x8′ complete floating sections, one 8’x16′ complete floating section, one 14’x16′ complete floating hexagon, one floating Hextension all completed with Thruflow decking, Solar Lights, P-Bumpers and our Flag Pole Kit.

With the floating dock installed, we headed into the third day with our sights set on installing a standing configuration, testing the 4’x16′ floating combinations, installing AlphaDeck® on a 4’x8′ ramp and capturing video footage. Matt Spencer from Three Five 7 Creative joined us bright and early to film our products. To begin the day we had our young fisherman Adam (in his pajamas) cast out a line as Matt filmed the morning scenery.

After breakfast the install crew began the installation of the first of many standing dock configurations completed during the week. The crew worked under cloud cover for most of the morning, until the sun broke through and the oppressive heat took over. The guys powered through it and before we knew it we had a simple yet rigid dock containing one 4’x8′ complete ramp, one 4’x8′ complete standing section and two 4’x8′ complete quick link sections.

Now that the standing dock was installed, leveled and cleaned we had a blank canvas to begin installing accessories to showcase. Paul from One Squared Photography was a our photographer for the week and he quickly went to work capturing photos. On this dock configuration we installed our prototype staircase, Flag Pole Kit and Safety Grab Rail.

After the photography for the accessories was complete, we took a quick break and continued with our next installation, two 4’x16′ floating sections in a “T” formation. This was a configuration we tested to see how sturdy it would be. These are the types of product tests that help our sales team recommend a layout that will be safe and enjoyable to use. We temporarily removed the 4’x8′ ramp from the floating dock to use a transition section between the standing dock and the two 4’x16′ floating sections we were about to install.

Once testing was complete for the floating “T” with two 4’x16′ floating sections, we moved on to the last project of the day, installing AlphaDeck® decking on a 4’x8′ ramp. We filmed Riley and Sean doing the install to edit an instructional video down the road. At this point in the day, the sun had taken its toll and the install team was ready for a cold beverage and some shade. Riley and Sean worked through the heat and Paul snapped some photos.

With the decking installed, the install team was done for the day. The rest of the afternoon and evening was spent capturing lifestyle photos and video. That evening we were treated to a picturesque sunset.

Overnight we had much needed rain that added an extra layer of humidity as we headed into the last day. The goal for the final day was to incorporate our 7’x8′ Standing Hexagon section into a configuration, install a dock with our new grey AlphaDeck® and load up the truck and trailer. After another lovely breakfast prepared by Wieslaw and Alicja who kept us well fed all week, we began to prepare for the reconfiguration of the standing dock to add the standing hexagon section.

Having spent the past three days installing and removing docks, the install team had the new configuration installed in no time. Changing the configuration and adding a section in roughly an hour is an example of the versatility and ease of our Quick Link system.

Once Paul captured the photos of the new configuration the crew removed the dock and installed the AlphaDeck® dock.

The AlphaDeck® dock was the final dock install of the week. After photography was completed the crew removed the dock and began packing up the trailer for the drive home.

Reflecting back on the week we spent on Manitouwabing Lake, the time flew by. We arrived Monday afternoon and were back on the road for home Thursday afternoon and the time in between was a blast. Our models, photographers and installers all were feeling the affects of a few days working in the hot sun and humidity.

All in all we can look back at this week and proudly say “Mission Accomplished”. We gained a new perspective of our products and left with beautiful video and photography to share with our customers in the coming year which happens to be CanadaDocks 10th anniversary.

Stay Tuned.



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