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Must Have Accessories For Boaters

You have the right dock, you have the dream boat, now you need to make sure you have all the right accessories to make your summer on the water the best ever. Here is our ultimate list of dock accessories for boaters.

Boat Lifts

Protect your boat and personal water craft (PWC) with our aluminum boat lifts. Made with a superior quality, marine grade aluminum structure and stainless steel bolts and cables. Our boat lifts are designed to support boats that weigh up to 1,200, 3,000, and 5,000 lbs. The lifts operate using a grease able pulley with fittings and side guides for easy maneuvering in and out of the water. This is one of the best ways to protect your boat from hole blisters, dock damage, bilge pump failure and more.

Dalyrmple Dock CanadaDocks Install

Dock Cleats

The finishing touch to your dock is our cleats. Rock a patriotic red and white look, or opt for a classic polished aluminum. Either way, these solid, all aluminum dock cleats will keep your boat in place. The unique fold down feature prevents a tripping hazard when they aren’t tied up.


Protect your vessel and your dock with our collection of bumpers. Available in various sizes, shapes, and colours, it’s easy to create a safe and sleek looking edge along your dock.

Check out our Buyers Guide For Bumpers to learn all you need to know.

Solar Lights

Make sure you have enough visibility to light up your dock and make night time docking as easy as possible. With three different solar lights to choose from, you will be well equipped to light your way back home. For an added safety feature, opt for our Solar Light With Safety Ring.

Storage Box Holder

Our storage box holder safely secures to the side of your CanadaDocks dock section. It’s a must have for boaters who want to store extra items on the dock as opposed to on the boat. Spare life vests, water toys, and more can be kept on the dock and give you more space on your boat while you go for a ride.

Thruflow Decking

An easy entrypoint to step from your dock onto your boat is a must. The slotted decking created by Thruflow allows for a non-slip surface that won’t pool water. Getting in and out of your boat and onto the dock has never been easier.

Speak with a dock expert today for additional information on these accessories and more.

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