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Ontario Docks – Made and Sold Right Here

Made in China? Not These Ontario Docks!

CanadaDocks is a proud to make and sell Ontario Docks across North America, all of our products are made in Canada and always will be. However many dock companies try to reduce their costs by outsourcing production oversees. This not only decreases the quality of the product, but it also takes away jobs from hard working Canadians. It’s quite rare in today’s economy to see local companies competing with that of made in China products. But thanks to our truly unique design and manufacturing process we’re able to price our products competitively as well as making a superior product.

At CanadaDocks all of our products are proudly made in Ontario. Our products are sold across the province, in places such as Muskoka, Lake Simcoe, Haliburton, Peterborough, Port Carling, Parry Sound, Gravenhurst, Barrie, Alliston, Ottawa, Toronto, Mississauga, Vaughan, North Bay, Montreal, Huntsville, Trenton, the Kawartha’s and much more. Furthermore our kits can be shipped in boxes across Canada, from British Columbia to Newfoundland and everywhere in between. Thanks to the small size of our dock kits there is no limit to where are docks can be shipped and sold, in fact we are now expanding to America and Europe!

Why can we ship virtually anywhere and not our competitors? Because our Do-It-Yourself Ontario Docks are made from stamped aluminum trusses and are put together without the use of welds. This means each component is very lightweight, is made strong from it’s unique form factor and can fit easily into a small box. Majority of our competitors use extruded pieces that are welded together. This adds weight, weak points to the system and cost.

So support a local dock provider that will always proudly manufacture, sell and service our Canadian customers.


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