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Other Uses for CanadaDocks™ Docks and Ramps

Although our docks are primarily installed in the water, there are a number of other uses for CanadaDocks™ docks and ramps. We have had many customers who have used our docks in other such ways, and we believe that there are still many other applications that we have yet to see. The solid structure and modular nature of our products allows for many creative applications not just in the water, but on land as well.

Platform on Land


There are many times when a solid platform is needed, where time to set up and ease of installation play a key role. All CanadaDocks™ come with easy to follow instructions, both on paper and online. They are built to last, and our complete kits come with everything you need for a quick and easy installation. They can serve as a platform for indoor & outdoor concerts, ceremonies, presentations, and anywhere else where a simple but sturdy platform is needed.

Deck and Patio


Whether at home or at the cottage, an outdoor patio plays a pivotal role in any get-together. By using a CanadaDocks™ dock or ramp, your patio will stand out from the crowd, and help to provide a truly unique and memorable outdoor experience. A standing dock will provide a raised patio; and with the choice of leg lengths anywhere from 2 – 8 feet, you can utilize the exact height for your needs. If a lower deck is desired, try a CanadaDocks™ ramp with either ThruFlow™ or cedar decking.

Accessibility Ramp

Accessibility ramps can be quite costly to implement and visually unattractive, as they are most often constructed from poured cement. To add both functionality and visual charm to any entryway, try using a CanadaDocks™ ramp to lead up to any elevated platform. With the added no-slip ThruFlow™ decking, you can be sure to find an extremely useful alternative to the usual accessibility ramp.


All of our docks and ramps are built to last in all weather conditions, while partly submerged underwater, and so you can rest assured that they will be just as resilient in any of the above examples. Why not try something different with your CanadaDocks™ dock; there are many ways to make our docks work for you.

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