Aluminum Joists Kit for 8’x8′ CanadaDocks™


To make CanadaDocks™ Aluminum Docks even lighter and last for years without any maintenance, an Aluminum Joists Kit can be used instead of heavy wooden joists.

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The Aluminum Joists Kit for 8’x8′ CanadaDocks™ is made of seven lightweight aluminum extrusions cut to fit 8’x8′ section of CanadaDocks™ Dock, provided with set of (80 pieces) stainless, self-drilling screws. It also adds additional stability to the Platform.

Kit comes in a 4″x4.5″x8′  box  weighting 15.6 kg (41 lb).

Download Assembly Instructions

PDF download- CanadaDocks

8’x8′ Aluminum Joist Kit Instructions

For installation videos, please refer to our videos page.