CanadaDocks™ 6000lbs Lift


NOTE: All CanadaDocks™ Boat Lifts need to be removed from frozen bodies of water during the winter months.


Our Hydraulic Boat Lifts have incorporated the latest in technology. The hydraulic system will quietly and quickly remove your boat from the water. All pivot points on the bed have bronze bushings and stainless steel lift pins. Our hydraulic cylinders are filled with biodegradable fluid to protect the environment should a seal or hydraulic line ever fail. Our hydraulic rams are specially coated to provide long life in a harsh marine environment. We use special double lip seals to keep water out while keeping the hydraulic fluid in. Our up and down movement is controlled by a push button remote control. The entire system runs by a 12 volt battery. A solar panel on the top of the dock helps to keep your battery charged.

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