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14’x16′ Floating Hexagon Wheel Kit


Call to order: 1.877.434.0359

The CanadaDocks™ 14’x16′ Floating Hexagon Wheel Kits is designed to attach to the bottom of your dock kit. They allow you to easily roll your dock in and out of the water each season. The wheels can be left in the water.

CanadaDocks™ Floating Hexagon Wheel Kits contain:

  1. Two (2) Aluminum I Joist (137″ in length)
  2. Two (2) Aluminum Axle (144″ in length)
  3. Four (4) 24″x8″ Hollow Wheels (1400 lbs weight capacity)
  4. Four (4) Washers – HDG
  5. Four (4) Hitch Pins
  6. Four (4) Turnbuckle
  7. Eight (8) 5/16″ Chain Quick Link
  8. 1/4″ G30 Galvanized Chain
  9. All Necessary Hardware