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3.3’x10′ Floating Dock Section


Call to order: 1.877.434.0359


The modular platforms are designed so that one person can install them with the use of a forklift and a wrench or an impact gun


Sections stack on top of one another for reduced storage footprint and shipping costs.


The above surface float is designed to add or subtract buoyancy modules based on your specific project requirements. This allows you to have a customized solution at a cost effective price point


Tough, crack resistant, UV inhibiting polymer resin ensures long life

Slip resistant surface

Optional handrails and grating for a safe walking surface on ice

Anchor points

Optional dock cleats to tie up a boat

20 stainless connection points molded into the float surface

  • Buoyancy (Per Module): = 2150 lbs / 975 kgs at full submersion
  • Weight: 178lbs / 81kgs
  • Dimensions:  3.3′ x 10′ x 1.25′ or 40″ x 120″ x 15’’
  • Includes: 12 Pocket Fillers

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