Eagle Floats – 839 lbs Floatation Capacity – Foam Filled Dock Floats


Eagle Floats™ dock floats are used to support floating docks, and keep them afloat. These foam-filled floats are built to keep the dock afloat even if the outside shell is punctured. Float capacity of 380.6 kg (839 lbs).

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 EAGLE FLOATS 2’x8’x12″ with 380.6 kg (839 lb) buoyancy.

Eagle Floats foam-filled float drums offer durable flotation for a variety of new or existing dock systems. The plastic exterior one-piece seamless shell design prevents leakage and separation caused by weak joints. The drum wall is made of tough virgin polyethylene with ultra violet inhibitors to prevent damage from the sun, debris, oil, gas, marine organisms, salt, and fresh water. A nominal wall thickness of 0.150″ (~4mm) offers a stronger, more durable float. The top of the shell is flat with molded-in mounting slots for easy attachment to any dock frame.
The interior of the float drum is filled with expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam. The foam is steam pressured for a tight fit that provides the highest buoyancy possible. The foam interior provides floatation if the outside shell becomes punctured and is continually tested to meet or exceed the Hunt Water Absorption Test standard of 3 lbs per cubic foot. The “Falling Dart” test and ultrasonic wall thickness testing are part of Manufacturer Roto-Mold’s quality procedures to ensure the durable, long life of our float drums.



  •     Fits most aluminum and wooden docks
  •     Can be installed or retrofitted on new or used docks
  •     Recyclable and environmentally friendly (will not contaminate the waterways)
  •     Will not sink or contaminate the water when punctured
  •     Strong 3.81 cm (1.5 in.) thick bolting flange
  •     10 x bolt slots to secure to the dock for easy installation
  •     Very durable
  •     Easy-to-install to the CanadaDocks™ 8’x8′ Ramp dock system
  •     First quality virgin polyethylene with anti-UV inhibitors
  •     Rotationally moulded for seamless, one piece construction, with a 3.8 mm (0.150 in.) wall thickness
  •     All units are resistant to damage by animals, ice and contact deterioration from petroleum products
  •     Filled with expanded virgin polystyrene (EPS)
  •     380.6 kg (839 lb.) floatation capacity


  •     Dimensions (L x W x H):   243.8 cm x 61 cm x 30.48 cm    (8 ft. x 2 ft. x 12 in.)
  •     Weight: 29 kg (64 lb.)

Backed By The Industry’s Only 15-Year Warranty

Confident with our tested dock float quality and field-tested design, Eagle Floats™ dock floats are backed by the industry only 15-year warranty. Manufacturer warranty provides 100% non-prorated replacement for the first 10 years.

The floats are warranted against cracking, peeling, sloughing and deterioration from ultra-violet rays, while retaining resiliency against bumps by watercraft under normal usage for a period of fifteen years from the proven date of purchase. Any float drum thought to be defective must be returned to the manufacturer (prepaid) and judged defective by the manufacturer.


PDF download- CanadaDocksProcedures for using foam-filled float drums


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