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4’x16′ Complete Floating Ramp Kit


Call to order: 1.877.434.0359

The 4′ x 16′ Complete Floating Ramp is designed for all floating dock configurations. The 16′ length is perfect for rocky and shallow shorelines that require your dock to be installed further out in the water. The Hinge Kit and Hinge Cover that is now included in all Complete Ramp Kits gives you the flexibility to control the slope in which your ramp is oriented.

They are made with corrosion resistant, marine grade aluminum. The unique DIY design makes them easy to assemble and reconfigure as needed.

Use our Dock Builder application to configure this section and many more to build your ideal dock.

4’x16′ Complete Floating Ramp Kit features:

  1. Two (2) 4’x8 ‘CanadaDocks™ Aluminum Ramps
  2. One (1) Hinge Kit
  3. One (1) Hinge Cover Kit
  4. One (1) Ramp Extension Kit
  5. One (1) 2’x4’x12″ Foam Filled Eagle Floats. Flotation Capacity: 190 kg (421 lb)
  6. Your choice of decking colour, Maple or Grey. Also available without decking
  7. Includes all necessary hardware

Ramp Weight: 

235 lbs / 106 kg
(w/o decking 135 lbs / 61 kg)


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