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From our Showroom to South of Border: CanadaDocks™ Rock in Tennessee

Here at CanadaDocks™ we have always taken pride in providing high quality, low maintenance products, and we love hearing stories of our satisfied customers enjoying their dock, but we haven’t seen enthusiasm quite like our friend Ron from Alden, New York before!

Ron found CanadaDocks™ doing a quick Google search, and after spending sometime on the website and speaking with our sales manager, he was convinced that this was the dock for him. He loved the look and the idea of a dock that is completely maintenance free so much he drove nearly three hours to our location to pick up his 8’x16′ Floating Dock kit with a 4’x8′ Ramp. Bringing it back across the border and later driving it another eleven hours to his cottage in Tennessee, we can tell that this is someone who is passionate about their dock!

attaching cable

Being on a reservoir, the water level on Ron’s lake changes often. So he created a custom cable line system that allows him to move the dock in or out from shore very easily. Using a garbage can full of cement as the anchor point, Ron attached a cable from this anchor to the shore and attached chains from the dock to the cable. Now he can slide his dock without having to re-anchor, what a system!

Filling anchor with concrete

Almost done

After the installation Ron’s neighbors began to take notice, and several planned to buy a CanadaDocks™ system of their own. They praised the style a function of the dock, and the beautiful  Thruflow™ decking which can be walked on barefooted without a problem.“Even when it was over 90 degrees Fahrenheit they could walk on it bare footed, that’s what really blew them away” Ron remarked.

We’re quite thrilled that our dock was so well liked, and very impressed with his ingenious cable system.

done deal canada docks 5

It’s great to see another happy customer.

Rock on Ron!

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