Snap Dock. Lake Life Made Simple

For those who live or work on the water, having a functional dock is indispensable. Explore why Snap Dock is the best solution for living a robust life on the lake. Docks aren’t just for boats; they are an extension of the outdoor living space.

Aesthetic Appeal

Snap Docks designed down to the tiniest detail, the couplers are made to match the dock colour because looking great is just as important as functioning great. Snap Docks provide families with the ideal outdoor destination, right on the lake where the action is.

Snap Docks are great for commercial use as well. Snap Dock is the perfect aquatic product for enhancing marinas, lakefront restaurants, campgrounds, resorts, and boat rental facilities. This is because their dock configurations are endless and can be custom-tailored to facilitate the distinct needs of a business.

The Latest Marine Technology

Snap Docks are designed by marine engineers. They are built tough with industrial-grade standards in mind, yet they are also ideal for recreational use. The docks are constructed with industrial-grade plastic (LLDPE). Additionally, Snap Docks are reinforced, linear low-density polyethylene material that is injected into the inside of the dock framework for added strength and flexibility. These features make Snap Docks durable and crack resistant.

All this adds up to less maintenance, wear, and tear when compared to traditional wooden docks. An enclosed floating base ensures the integrity of dock sections and that pieces of them will never “drift out to sea,” as often seen with traditional foam and wood docks.

What’s more, Snap Docks are built tough. They are made to withstand the harshest weather conditions. Snap Docks come with an eight (8) year limited warranty on floatation platforms and a one (1) year warranty on dock hardware.

Assemble Once, Enjoy for Life

CanadaDocks access ramps utilize lightweight, marine-grade aluminum framing for added durability and maneuverability. CanadaDocks ramps pair well with and attach seamlessly with Snap Docks. They attach together using hinges for uncompromised dock continuity and lasting structural integrity. Snap Docks modular technology means the layout can be customized for a narrow or wide configuration, depending upon buyer preference.

For the smaller 3.3’x10’ dock platform, enjoy 33 square feet of space per Snap Dock section, with 2,150lbs of buoyancy. Each unit weighs 178lbs. The exact dimensions for our smaller Snap Dock platforms are 117”x39”x15”. Current prices can be found on the here.

Maximize waterfront space with the larger 5’x10’ platform and enjoy 50 square feet of space per Snap Dock section, with 3,150lbs of buoyancy. Each unit weighs 290lbs. The exact dimensions for our larger platforms are 117”x59”x15”. Current prices can be found on the here.

Customize with Additional Features

Snap Docks can be customized to meet unique individual standards. They are equipped to come with add-on handrails, anchor points, dock cleats, and 20 stainless steel connection points molded directly into the dock! Dock features also include a non-slip surface that is perfect for children and elderly persons. Snap Docks are also compatible with CanadaDocks large array of accessories and add-ons. Snap Dock accessories include the following.

Standard and Heavy-Duty Pipe Bracket Attachments

These pipe brackets bring added stability to Snap Dock platforms. Plus, an auger can also be added to the bottom of the pipe to make it adhere to the bottom of the lake, for even more sturdiness.

Corner Gussets

Corner gussets provide the ability to customize the appearance of individual Snap Dock installations as well as adding more space on almost any 90 degree angle.

PWC Port Options

Enjoy the lake and take the hassle out of storing personal watercraft. Storing a personal watercraft is now easier than ever with a PWC Snap Port option. PWCs can be driven right onto the Snap Dock modular Snap Port. PWC Snap Ports can be readily added to and complement the larger Snap Dock platforms.

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