A few comments sent to us from our happy dock clients

I’m very impressed by the quality of the material, the fit, finish, engineering and overall finished product. The initials on the packing tape taking responsibility for the contents was great. I was going to put a boat lift along the side but after seeing how nice it was I decided to put the lift along my old dock so I would not block the view.Bill F.

Our cottage life revolves around the dock. We can’t get enough dock space and have expanded twice already. Love your dock system CanadaDocks!

Hien H.

I just wanted to thank a quick second of your time to thank you for the amazing service and the quality of your product. I have to say that I was more than positively impressed at the rapidity at which the dock system was delivered. It is everything that we expected and so much more!!! You both made the acquisition process so easy and I am really grateful for all of your work!!! So far costumer satisfaction would rate at 5 stars!!! It was a pleasure dealing with you both of you and your companies!!!! Will send pictures when we are all set-up! Once again thank you very much!!!!

Hugues T.
Department of National Defence / Government of Canada

Even the ducks love the CanadaDocks™ we purchased in 2013. We loved the ease of the installation and also the durability. Plan on adding to it in 2015!

Susan F.
Pike Bay, Ontario

Everyone stops to look at our dock & wants to know where we purchased it. Easy assembly, easy portability & nice clean lines.

Rick B.
Owen Sound, Ontario

We put the dock together in my garage during a nice day during the winter. My wife and I did it all in 4 or 5 hours. Putting it together was a piece of cake! In March I took it to Tennessee on my snowmobile trailer and we drove down onto the lake bed and dropped it off at my friends place. As it is a reservoir, the lake is down during winter in preparation for spring rains. I left it there until we got down last weekend where we completed the install by floating it over to my place and securing it to the cable line we drop into the lake.The garbage can is the anchor point out in the lake. The can has 400 pounds of concrete in it, and we anchor this out approximately 200 feet from shore so that the dock can easily be moved in and out as the water level changes. Chains are attached to the eye bolts of the dock and onto a stainless steel cable the go from shore to the anchor we dropped. This way the dock can be slid in and out as needed so you can use a boat all winter long. I will need to get one more 4 x 8 section of walkway and I will be most likely ordering the hexagon section as well. My neighbors went nuts over this dock!!! I gave all of them your website address as several of them will need to replace their old wooden docks soon and absolutely loved this thing. If you start getting orders from Tennessee, ask them if they are on Cherokee Lake. If they are, they got the idea from me! My neighbor is planning on getting one next spring. You should send me some kind of advertising sign for these things. I could put it up down by the dock. Everyone that checked it out thought it was great. Even when it was over 90 degrees Fahrenheit they could walk on it bare footed, that’s what really blew them away!!! Enjoy the pictures and feel free to use them as needed to plug the product. We couldn’t be happier!

Ron & Jean A.
Alden, New York

As promised, here’s more photos of the dock which we put in this past weekend. I noticed that you used one of the photos I sent earlier which tickled us. Cindy, we are most impressed with the ease of installation and how solid the dock is. Thanks again for all your help.

Mike L.

We purchased a dock frame in July. Here are few pictures of dock installed, if you need some for your portfolio. It’s very sturdy, it took 3 men about 4 hours to put 3 frames together and put decking on. We like it and enjoyed it during our vacation!

Montreal River at the Elk Lake Township

I thought my dock survived Hurricane Igor, but I just noticed that there is a small wrinkle down one side rail, and the section must have twisted during the storm. My neighbor’s permanent dock was destroyed, and a piece of it ended up next to mine as you can see. Most of the cedar decking pulled off the deck, but I was able to recover all of it, and with the exception of the one beam, the dock frame wasn’t damaged. Regards,

Derek G.

We wanted to drop you a quick line!! We purchased 3 sections of dock last year. WE LOVE THEM! Everyone up on our lake love them too!!! They are so great. We put some composite decking on…they are very durable and look great! The kids love fishing on them every morning. We are still wanting to add maybe a 8 by 8 on the end. It was nice at the end of the season that it took us an entire 10 minutes to take out 3 sections of dock… just me and my husband lifting them out ourselves.

Heidi L.
Muskoka, Ontario

Friendly, knowledgeable, professional manner & courteous from the team at Tier-1 made the purchasing of this beautiful quality product that much easier.  We saw the examples of products at the Toronto Cottage Show which sealed the deal.

Dave & Jane W.

Thanks for the longer legs. They are installed and at work; as you read – installation easy and solid.

The Bear
Oshawa, Ontario

Others on the lake were very impressed with the dock. Hopefully you will get some business from them.

Four Mile Lake Coboconk

Here’s a picture of my new dock. My dog loves it, as you can see she’s smiling!

Jim C.
British Columbia

Tonight we had a sever squall with winds gusting 70 kmh… That sent the water in our bay up over 4 and half feet in the matter of 5 minutes which took out 10 sections of the dock and tossed it around like a rag-doll. The water came all the way up to our retaining wall just under the rest of our dock which thank god we left high. So only end sections which we tiered lower as we got closer to the water were moved. Good news is that we can avoid this with longer legs so the dock is above the extreme high water level like the first half of the dock. Also none of the docks were damaged in any way… I think the 2800 screws we put in them and your construction held up very well. Thank god the stock frames are strong or it could have been bad. Nothing is damaged!

Chris V.
Georgian Bay, Ontario

Thank you again your continued assistance and enjoyment of your product.

Ian Vincent

What a great system! My girls purchased these docks for the cottage for father’s day, what a great present! This system has taken our very rough shoreline and made it useable. The grandchildren love fishing from it. It’s so safe and sturdy! My neighbours are all jealous. With the telescopic legs since we are on the river makes adjustment easy. It takes me about one hour to set up in the spring and fall to assemble and disassemble! Great product, thanks Tier-1!

Katrine, Ontario

Your package of screws and Cottage show coupons just arrived. Thank you very much for both. The screws will help finish the railings. The outside ones also look great and are showing no sign of rust. Thanks again. See you guys at the cottage show.

Bob & Lynn O.

You people are really great, you really deserve an award. Your customer service is excellent and I will promote your ramps and docks around my lake!


Thanks for being so organized and your great customer support on the purchase and pick-up of the Hexagon dock last Friday. The men were amazing the way they coordinated their forklifts to put it in the truck!!

Algonquin Highlands, Ontario

I bought the 8×16 floater and it was easy to build and is an excellent product.

Alan R.

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