Thanksgiving weekend is the last long weekend many of us will get to enjoy at the cottage before the snow starts to fall.  If you are hosting Thanksgiving up at your cottage this weekend, or if you are a guest at someone’s cottage, here are some tips to remember.

If you are the host…

If you are expecting a lot of guests, plan to arrive before everyone else.  This will give you time to unpack and get settled.

Check the weather.  We’re hoping for clear crisp skies and lots of sunshine to relax on your dock this weekend.  It may be your last chance for a boat ride for the season.

Plan to delegate meals.  Some of the best Thanksgiving memories are made while preparing your feast.  They say too many cooks spoil the soup, but having friends and family in the kitchen working together will make for some great memories.

Make new traditions.  If you don’t usually spend Thanksgiving at the cottage, take advantage of it and enjoy a holiday on the water.  We think pumpkin pie definitely tastes better when its eaten on a Muskoka chair on your dock.

If you are a guest…

Bring a hostess gift.  Sometimes the best gifts are ones that can be enjoyed that weekend on the dock.  Treats like cookies and homemade muffins are easy to enjoy sitting outside.  You also can’t go wrong with a bottle of wine or the fixings to make pumpkin spice lattes (hint, you can buy premixed packets to add to your coffee).

Pack warm clothes and plan to spend time outdoors.  Take advantage of the beautiful scenery on the waterfront and spend as much time as you can on the dock before it’s taken in for another season.

Bring a dish for Thanksgiving dinner.  Something that can be easily prepared would work best.  Coordinate with your host ahead of time to plan the perfect meal.

Whether you are the host or the guest, we hope you enjoy this weekend on the water.  You know the cottage is going to warm up with the oven on all day, so be sure to step out onto the dock with your cup of cider and share with your loved ones all that you are thankful for.

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