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The New CanadaDocks 2020 Anodized Series

The iconic triangle truss design that has set the standard for the dock industry has just got a major upgrade.

Introducing The 2020 Anodized Series 

Same Iconic Look, Sleeker Finish

We are still using the same innovative truss design technique that uses a single piece aluminum that is stamped and formed. You can be sure that our truss is lighter and stronger than our competitors. Now it is even better with a sleek new treatment to our aluminum.

What Is An Anodized Truss?

Anodizing is an electrochemical process that transforms aluminum surfaces to create a corrosion-resistant surface and one of the most durable surface finishes available. It creates a sleek matte finish that will withstand the elements even better than our original design. Anodizing is a treatment that is both practical and beautiful.


Customize With Colour

If your neighbours weren’t jealous enough already, we are now offering the anodized series in three colours, Silver, Bronze, and Gold. The process of embedding tints and pigment into the aluminum creates a smooth metallic finish that will never chip away.


Speak with one of our dock experts today to order your new anodized dock.





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