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Top 10 Things to do this Labour Day Weekend

It’s that time of year again to enjoy one last long weekend celebration at the cottage before the seasons change. If you’re expecting a big group of family and friends or even just a small gathering, we’ve got you covered to enjoy every moment of this long weekend on your CanadaDock.

10) Watch an Outdoor Movie. Projectors are more cost-effective than ever. All you need is your favourite movie, an extension cord, and a bedsheet to make a screen. Who needs a drive-in movie when you can have a dock-side movie?

9) Make the Memory of this Summer Last a Lifetime with an Impromptu Photo Shoot. Anyone can play photographer with smartphones and photo editing apps. Create a fun series of action photos that will rival anything sitting on your mantel. Try jumping off your dock, pile on one paddleboard, make a toast with ice cream cones, and don’t forget the magical look of sparklers.

8) Speaking of Sparklers, Celebrate with Fireworks! Attend an action-packed show that your town is organizing or make your own show with quiet fireworks to protect skittish pets. You can even keep your evening pollution-free and kid-safe with glow sticks that you can enjoy right on your dock.

7) Make an End of Summer Playlist by adding everyone’s favourite songs of the summer. Include some old ones like Don Henley’s “Boys of Summer” and Brian Adam’s “Summer of ‘69”. Have a dance party on the water and turn your dock into a dance floor.

6) Create an Annual Race on land and water to crown your families own Ironman. Start on land, run and jump off the dock (a dock configured with a long ramp and 4” x 8” sections work great here). End with a swim around the lake. You’ll work up an appetite and give someone serious bragging rights until next year.

5) No Labour Day is complete without a Great Meal. Have your guests each bring a dish and make a crowd favourite dessert. Fill store-bought ice cream cones with mini marshmallows and your choice of fun-sized chocolate bar. Wrap it in tin foil and roast it over a campfire. It’s the perfect dessert to enjoy on the dock.

Our signature cocktail, the CanadaDock Spritzer.

4) Sip a New Cocktail while lounging on the dock. It’s easy to make a signature cocktail using a variation of our crowd-pleasing drink. We call ours the CanadaDock Spritzer. Add ice cubes, strawberries and mint leaves to a glass. Mix in a tsp of honey and a splash of lime juice. Add two parts of your favourite red wine and one part carbonated soda. To change it up, use different berries, white wine instead of red, and lemon instead of lime. Skip the wine to make mocktails for the kids. Enjoy responsibly on your dock.

3) Get on the Water. Hop on your boat, kayak, or paddleboard from the ease of your dock. Our stainless steel Canoe and Kayak Rack makes storage simple. 

2) Consider an Upgrade. The end of the season signals a change. Are you renting and looking to buy? Or you’re settled in your own place and looking to make a long-lasting improvement. Consider upgrading your dock or adding to it with our maintenance-free, modular system. Build your new dock using our user-friendly online Dock Builder and have an estimate emailed to you in minutes.

1) Do Absolutely Nothing! It’s easy to keep yourself busy this weekend, but remember to take some time to enjoy sitting on your dock and watch the sun go down. Remember that your CanadaDock is maintenance-free with a lifetime warranty, so you can sit back and relax without worrying about the end of year repairs to your dock system.

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