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Toronto Island Autumn Dock Install

Installing a dock in November in Canada is not for the faint of heart. Lucky for us at CanadaDocks™ the weather has been more fitting for late September, early October.

Our assembly team got a head start assembling this order in our yard days ahead of the install. Riley our go to builder had the dock assembled, loaded and ready to go for install day.


The install team met bright and early at our headquarters in Beeton, Ontario. We set sail around 8:00 am with all intentions of making our 10:00 am ferry to Toronto Island. Let’s just say that traffic let us down but didn’t break our spirits.



We arrived at the ferry terminal fifteen minutes too late and had to wait thirty minutes for the next trip, plenty of time for a Timmy’s run.

We arrived at our destination with the sun glistening and a gentle breeze. We backed our trailer up to the boat ramp and got ready to launch our floating dock sections. Riley and Paul hopped on the trailer to push off the top section while I held the strap to ensure the section didn’t float away. This is where my day got interesting. As I held the strap, I lost my footing and tumbled into the water with the dock section in style. Now soaked almost head to toe in chilly lake water, I promptly changed into a pair of hip waders that I am forever grateful were packed and hung up my clothes to dry.


With my hip waders securely fastened, the dock install continued. We got all of the sections off of the trailer and pulled them into place to begin connecting the sections.


As the install continued the weather seemed to get nicer. The sun shined brighter and the install moved along smoothly. We connected the sections in what seemed to be only minutes thanks to our easy to install hinge kits. Next we moved onto preparing the railings on the 4′ x 16′ ramp.


With the ramp in place we began to feel optimism about making our 3:45pm ferry back to the mainland. We dropped our anchors to secure the dock and began installing cleats and bumpers.


At 3:00pm precisely our dock install was complete and we took a few minutes to take in the beauty of our surroundings and the job we just finished.



We packed up our tools and cleaned up our work area and started our way back to the ferry. As we waited for the ferry to arrive I had a few moments to snap some photos of the impressive city skyline.



With me being the “newbie” it was enjoyable being a part of the dock building process from assembly to installation. CanadaDocks™ are designed and manufactured with quality and reliability in mind and I invite you to see this for yourself. We will be at the Toronto International Boat Show in January and the Cottage and Lakefront Living Show- Detroit in February so come by and say hello!

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