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Why Settle for a High Maintenance Dock?

A dock can be quite the burden, lugging that heavy water logged platform in and out of the lake each year, power washing it, dealing with warping and rotting. It’s just a fact that with wooden docks there is lots of upkeep, so why settle for this high maintenance outdated docking system?

The Maintenance Free Solution
The CanadaDocks™ docking system is maintenance free, lightweight and modular so you can enjoy your cottage rather than spending your time working on the dock. We offer both standing and floating dock options with a wide range of accessories, so you can pick and choose the dock that’s just right for you.

Our design team has worked to make the process easy right out of the box, complete with all the needed parts, comprehensive directions and even instructional videos online, assembly is a breeze. Once assembled the docks can be moved no sweat, thanks to their lightweight design, so putting it in the water is only a two person job.

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Made from marine grade aluminum and topped with Thruflow polypropylene decking, these are docks made to last. The decking is fully corrosion resistant, it will never rot and it allows sunlight, water and debris to pass through its surface. Additionally the docks aluminum frame will not rust, so your dock could last for years to come! What more could you ask for?

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So why not make life easier, by owning a maintenance free, corrosion resistant, lightweight aluminum dock? Contact us for a quote today or visit one of our trusted dealers across Canada!

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