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1’x4′ – ThruFlow Legacy XP


The original ThruFlow™ panel, Legacy, is a revolutionary take on prefabricated panels for decks, docks and walkways. With its easy-to-assemble, maintenance-free design, you can spend less time caring for your ThruFlow products and more time enjoying them.

Our flagship Legacy panel uses integrated short glass fibers for extra durability against wear-and-tear. ThruFlow panels won’t succumb to rot or insect damage and are UV resistant. Whether you choose to install our panels on your family deck or in your commercial marina, ThruFlow will serve you through a lifetime of use and abuse.

The surface of our panels will never get hot under direct sunlight, leaving you free to enjoy your deck or dock in all weather.

The Legacy panels’ unique design allows 43% of sunlight to pass through uninterrupted. When installing decks, docks, and walkways, we rarely consider the wildlife being displaced underneath. But ThruFlow’s perforated construction protects native flora and fauna by providing the sunshine they need.

No maintenance.
– No staining
– No painting
– No sealing
– No warping
– Stays clean without any special or expensive cleaning products
– Clean and attractive looking
– Twice as easy to install as wood!
– 360 safety non-slip surface
– Barefoot friendly, no puddles or splinters!
– Always COOL to walk on
– Unmatched strength and durability
– UV and static electricity protection
– Storm & surge resistant

Material: extremely tough, reinforced polypropylene

Colours: Maple and Grey

Decking Weight: 6.2 lbs / 2.8 kg


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