At CanadaDocks™, we pride ourselves on building quality standing docks and floating docks, as well as dock accessories. We proudly manufacture all the docks at our facility in Beeton, Ontario- only 30 minutes north of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA); this allows us to provide you with not only a competitive price, but a quality Canadian product without the middle-man. Using the engineering techniques honed from years of manufacturing quality automotive parts, we build products that last. CanadaDocks™ will last for generations with little to no maintenance required.

We believe in manufacturing solid docks that are both easy to install and maintain. With a completely modular design, you can rearrange or attach additional sections to any of our docks at any time with ease. All of our products come with illustrated step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow. For your convenience, we also have a variety of official dealers across Canada who can assist you with your dock installation.

CanadaDocks™ come in a variety of sizes, in both standing docks and floating docks, and all of our dock frames are packaged down into a box only 6”x12”x8’. This allows us to ship our product coast to coast with minimal shipping costs. Of course, you can also pick up your dock order at our showroom in Beeton, or any of our other dealer locations across Canada.

Whether you are looking to buy a standing dock or a floating dock, there’s no better solution for your cottage or marina than a CanadaDocks™ dock.

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