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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions, along with the complete answers from our support experts

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The majority of our docks are conveniently packaged in 8’ x 1’ x 1/2’ boxes. They can easily be transported in cars, vans and trucks. To see how our docks are packaged, please (Click Here To Watch). We have even packed them into floatplanes to get to remote fly-in fishing camps (Click Here To Watch).

CanadaDocks standing docks ALWAYS need to be removed from the water before winter. Ice will damage the legs and hardware of the standing sections. In SOME cases, CanadaDocks floating systems can be left in the water over the winter. This depends on ice movement on your body of water. If there is minimal ice shifting, your dock will be ok in the ice over the winter, just remove the ramp, loosen the chains on the anchors and tie it off to shore. If there a lot of ice shift, you will have to remove it.

YES. All CanadaDocks systems require anchoring. Please refer to our instructions to learn how to anchor your CanadaDocks system.

Read more about Anchoring Your Dock in our blog post (Click Here)

Yes, our docks are modular, which allows you to add or reconfigure your dock sections over the years.  With our Quick Link design, and additional hinges, attaching your docks together is as simple as linking and securing them together. For more information on Quick Links, (Click Here)

Absolutely. Try our Dock Builder right now and you can design your own dock. If you would like to see our products in person, come visit our showroom in Beeton, Ontario. Or you may reach out to one of our Dealers to visit their showrooms.

Since 2006, CanadaDocks Inc. has been a leader in creating innovative products, with the only formed aluminum, bolt-together Dock Kit on the market. Our engineers are prototype specialists who have used automotive manufacturing techniques to design a system that boasts maximum strength and durability. By creating a truss out of a single sheet of marine grade aluminum, we can use less material, resulting in a dock section that is light, strong, and eco-friendly.

CanadaDocks™ 25 year warranty covers defective parts on the CanadaDocks™ aluminum frames only (trusses, joists, square aluminum legs and corner braces). (Click Here For More Info)

Yes, we you may leave your dock outside as long as it isn’t too close to the shoreline, where shifting ice can reach it.

For more information on storing your dock for the winter (Click Here)

Whether or not you should install a floating or standing on your waterfront depends on the body of water. For larger lakes, a standing dock will stand up best to rough conditions. Our standing docks have legs that adjust between   1′ – 2′, 2′ – 4′ and 4′ – 8′. If you are on a larger lake where your water depth surpasses 8′ in depth a “hybrid” dock system might be the solution for you. A “hybrid” system is a dock configuration that combines standing and floating section. Floating docks are ideal for locations on smaller lakes, with mucky bottoms and are too deep for dock legs.

YES. We do sell our Dock Kits without decking if requested! You can source your own types of wood and simply secure them to our Aluminum Trusses and Joists using hardware of your choice.  

Thruflow decking offers a limited lifetime warranty.

(Click Here For More Information)

Thruflow decking is made out of a UV resistant material which is designed with a slotted pattern to allow air to flow through and will not heat up in the sun. It also has a 360 degree non slip surface, making it the ideal decking for your entire family, even ones with paws.

We deliver across North America. Installation services are available through our dealer network.

Everyone should be able to enjoy their CanadaDocks dock kit. Our vast selection of accessories ensures that everyone from every age and ability can enjoy themselves. Getting in and out of the water is easier with our Access Platform, Railings, and Stairs. Our selection of Solar Lights will ensure high visibility from land and water.

ProductWith DeckingWithout Decking
Standing Docks  
4’x8′ Standing Dock Kit 1′ – 2′ Legs135 lbs85 lbs
4’x8′ Standing Dock Kit 2′ – 4′ Legs145 lbs95 lbs
4’x8′ Standing Dock Kit 4′ – 8′ Legs165 lbs115 lbs
4’x8′ Quick Link Dock Kit 1′ – 2′ Legs125 lbs75 lbs
4’x8′ Quick Link Dock Kit 2′ – 4′ Legs130 lbs80 lbs
4’x8′ Quick Link Dock Kit 4′ – 8′ Legs140  lbs90 lbs
8’x8′ Standing Dock Kit 1′ – 2′ Legs225 lbs125 lbs
8’x8′ Standing Dock Kit 2′ – 4′ Legs235 lbs135 lbs
8’x8′ Standing Dock Kit 4′ – 8′ Legs255 lbs155 lbs
8’x8′ Quick Link Dock Kit 1′ – 2′ Legs215 lbs115 lbs
8’x8′ Quick Link Dock Kit 2′ – 4′ Legs220 lbs120 lbs
8’x8′ Quick Link Dock Kit 4′ – 8′ Legs230 lbs130 lbs
4′ Complete Corner Kit25 lbs13 lbs
8′ Complete Corner Kit65 lbs40 lbs
Standing Transition Kit 1′ – 2′ Legs100 lbs50 lbs
Standing Transition Kit 2′ – 4′ Legs110 lbs60 lbs
Standing Transition Kit 4′ – 8′ Legs125 lbs75 lbs
7’x8′ Standing Hexagon Kit 1′ – 2′ Legs205 lbs105 lbs
7’x8′ Standing Hexagon Kit 2′ – 4′ Legs220 lbs120 lbs
7’x8′ Standing Hexagon Kit 4 ‘ – 8’ Legs250 lbs150 lbs
14’x16′ Standing Hexagon Kit 1′ – 2′ Legs605 lbs305 lbs
14’x16′ Standing Hexagon Kit 2′ – 4′ Legs625 lbs325 lbs
14’x16” Standing Hexagon Kit 4 ‘ – 8’ Legs660 lbs360 lbs
Floating Docks  
4’x8′ Floating Dock Kit175 lbs125 lbs
4’x16′ Floating Dock Kit370 lbs270 lbs
4’x24′ Floating Dock Kit570 lbs420 lbs
8’x8′ Floating Dock Kit315 lbs215 lbs
8’x16′ Floating Dock Kit650 lbs450 lbs
8’x24′ Floating Dock Kit980 lbs680 lbs
8’x32′ Floating Dock Kit1315 lbs915 lbs
8’x40′ Floating Dock Kit1650 lbs1150 lbs
8’x48′ Floating Dock Kit1985 lbs1385 lbs
Floating Transition Kit115 lbs65 lbs
7’x8′ Floating Hexagon300 lbs200 lbs
14’x16′ Floating Hexagon860 lbs560 lbs
4’x8′ Ramp Kit115 lbs65 lbs
4’x16′ Ramp Kit250 lbs150 lbs
8’x8′ Ramp Kit205 lbs105 lbs
8’x16′ Ramp Kit425 lbs225 lbs
4’x8′ Floating Ramp Kit140 lbs90 lbs
4’x16′ Floating Ramp Kit225 lbs125 lbs
8’x8′ Floating Ramp Kit245 lbs145 lbs
8’x16′ Floating Ramp Kit445 lbs225 lbs

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