Can I leave the dock in all winter?

CanadaDocks standing docks ALWAYS need to be removed from the water before winter. Ice will damage the legs and hardware of the standing sections. In SOME cases, CanadaDocks floating systems can be left in the water over the winter. This depends on ice movement on your body of water. If there is minimal ice shifting, your dock will be ok in the ice over the winter, just remove the ramp, loosen the chains on the anchors and tie it off to shore. If there a lot of ice shift, you will have to remove it.

Should I get a standing or floating dock system?

Whether or not you should install a floating or standing on your waterfront depends on the body of water. For larger lakes, a standing dock will stand up best to rough conditions. Our standing docks have legs that adjust between 1′ – 2′, 2′ – 4′ and 4′ – 8′. If you are on a larger lake where your water depth surpasses 8′ in depth a “hybrid” dock system might be the solution for you. A “hybrid” system is a dock configuration that combines standing and floating section. Floating docks are ideal for locations on smaller lakes, with mucky bottoms and are too deep for dock legs.

Do I need to anchor my dock?

YES. All CanadaDocks system require anchoring. Please refer to our instructions to learn how to anchor your CanadaDocks system.

Can I put wood decking on my CanadaDocks aluminum frame?

YES. However the CanadaDocks system works best with maintenance free decking such as ThruFlow.

Are the docks lightweight?

YES. The all aluminum structure make each section lightweight when compared to wooden docks.

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