How To Store Your Dock This Winter

The time has come once again to remove your dock from the water. We always advise removing your dock for the winter. Find out why here. Since CanadaDocks builds strong yet lightweight docks, we make it easy to remove your dock as the seasons change. Our docks are constructed with a durability that ensures an […]

The 2020 Winter Almanac Report

You might be wondering how many more surprises 2020 can bring. We all know how unpredictable our winters can be, and how much it can vary from coast to coast. Every year we turn to the trusted Almanac to give us an indication of what the winter weather will bring. This year, in true 2020 […]

Can My Dock Be Left in the Water During Winter?

One of the most common questions we are asked here at CanadaDocks is “Can I leave my dock in the water over winter?”. We ALWAYS recommend removing all type of docks in the winter to prevent any chances of damage occurring. Our 25-year warranty does not cover any damage that may occur with docks left […]