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5 Must Have New Dock Accessories for Spring 2019

Paddle Board Holder

De-clutter your dock. Cottage toys are fun but require proper storage to prevent your dock from becoming an obstacle course. Our paddle board holder stores two paddle boards of any size. The rack system mounts easily to any dock system but works best with CanadaDocks sections.

Access Platform

The perfect accessory for canoeist, kayakers and paddle boarders. The Access Platform is designed to provide a step down from your dock to allow easier access to your favorite cottage toys. The 1′ x 8′ platform attaches easily to all CanadaDocks sections and can even be attached to non-CanadaDocks dock sections.

Umbrella Base

Do you have an umbrella on your dock that constantly blows away? Do you have a massive umbrella holder base that takes a lot of space on your dock? Our umbrella base is the perfect solution. It attaches easily to any CanadaDocks section by hooking through the decking and onto a joist.

Storage Box Holder

Good storage solutions at a cottage are a must. Finding a secure and dry place to keep life jackets, cushions, water toys etc. can be a challenge. Our storage box holder allows you to mount your deck/dock box to the side of your dock so it frees up space for what is important, relaxing and enjoying your time at the cottage.

15 Degree Stainless Steel Ladder

15 degrees makes all of the difference with this uniquely designed ladder. Constructed of stainless steel, this ladder will last for generations. As with all of our ladders in our CanadaDocks lineup it mounts easily to any section.

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