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Dock Stories – Summer House Park

Welcome to Summer House Park, a family-owned camping resort on Miller Lake, one of the largest inland lakes on the Bruce Peninsula. There are a lot of good options for guests at Summer House Park from roofed accommodations, cottages, camping cabins, as well as 235 RV and tenting sites. The property was purchased in 1949 by the family and “It started with aunts, uncles, and cousins coming up, then more cottages went up. We’re Italians, so we have a big family and lots of help.” Says Darcey (Owner and operator).

Prior to having a CanadaDocks system, Summer House Park had a similar configuration of wooden floating docks. They were unstable, very heavy, and hard to install and remove each season. 

After looking at CanadaDock options, they chose our Floating Dock Kits, which adjust with lake levels. Despite initial thoughts of a Standing Dock, the floating design seemed best for Miller Lake’s varying water levels.

“The modular aspect of CanadaDocks allows for accommodating different boat styles. We can adjust the dock as needed and add on if required,” says Darcey. 

Summer House Park worked very closely with their local CanadaDocks dealer Peninsula Decks & Docks come up with the design, build and install of the massive dock. The longest stretch of dock is almost 200 feet long, and where the docks are situated, they can get a lot of wind and wave action. Thankfully due to the unique design of CanadaDocks and the expertise of Peninsula Deck and Docks they were able to rotate the floats 90 degrees so the wind and waves can pass through the dock rather than slapping the size. 

They outfitted their dock with a number of different accessories, from our Solar Dock Lights to PWC Ports, Solar Light Safety Ring Station, and our Flip Up Aluminum Dock Cleats that fold down when not in use to prevent tripping hazards.  

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