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Buyers Guide To Solar Lights

Solar lights are often the finishing touch to your dock. Not only do they make the dock look fantastic at night, they are one of the most useful and necessary accessories for safety. CanadaDocks offers three types of solar lights. Discover the right solar lights to best suit your dock.

360 Degree Solar Dock Lights

We recently upgraded the design of our floor solar lights to a 360 degree illumination. This design has lights all around it, and with its powerful solar panels, offers optimal brightness across the dock and surrounding areas. The dome covering ensures that the entire light has a smooth finish, which is important to protect toes and paws that run along the dock. These solar lights are best used for dock pathways or transition areas such as from the dock to the shoreline. They can also be used on land on decks, patios, and more. They are weatherproof and extremely durable. With an automatic on-at-dusk feature, all you need to do is install them once and they will light up for years to come. With an extended duty solar charged battery, they will brighten your dock until sunrise.

Solar Sentinal Light Station

If you need to enhance nighttime visibility around your dock, consider the Solar Sentinal Light Station. These attractive broad-based, tapered pillars can be installed along the edge of your dock, to add more lighting to the surrounding area.

They offer increased visibility from the floor lights, as they illuminate off the top of the pillar. These types of lights are beneficial for evening boaters who can use extra guides and light while docking, or for friends and family relaxing on your dock after the sun has gone down.

Solar Light Safety Ring Station

Go one step further with your safety needs and provide a safety station right on your dock with the Solar Light Safety Ring Station. The same trusted Solar Sentinal Light has a major upgrade with the addition of a, orange 20” Safety Ring. Once described by a customer as saying this gave her dock “a nautical feel”, the attractive feature also provides a crucial life-saving float in case of emergency. This is a multi-functional light source that is essential for any dock.

All of our solar lights can be easily installed onto any CanadaDocks dock in a safe and secure manner.

Speak with a dock expert today on the right solar light solution for your dock.

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