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Fall Cottage Activities You’ve Been Waiting For All Summer

Fall is here in full force. The leaves are changing and everything is pumpkin spice flavoured.  The cooler temperatures are offering a welcome relief from the sweltering heat.  But alas, there is still plenty of time to enjoy full days on your dock this fall.

Here is your list of the top 5 activities to do at the cottage this fall

1) Relax on your dock. Cocktail hour in the summer on the dock is hard to beat, but have you ever sat outside in cozy sweaters and thick blankets over your Muskoka chair, sipping cider?  Watch the sun go down as it lights up the changing foliage and you’ll wish every night was this beautiful.

2) Go hiking.  The leaves are changing and the weather is just a bit cooler, giving you the makings of a perfect day to go explore around your cottage.  Getting all that exercise in the day will make it worth it to head back to the cottage and chill on your dock.

3) As the temperature cools down, there is no better time to have a bonfire.  Bonus, less bugs than you’ll find in the summer.

4) Go apple picking.  Honey crisp anyone?  Find an orchard near your cottage and take the family apple picking for the day.

5) Go fishing for the last time of the year.  Experts say that fishing in the fall is when you may be most likely to catch the biggest fish.  Impress your family with your big catch and enjoy the last fishing moments of the season.

Enjoy every moment before you winterize your dock for the season. If you’re getting ready to remove your dock for the winter, visit our instructions and tips here.

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