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New Cottage, New Dock: CanadaDocks™ on Cottage Life TV

Here at CanadaDocks™ we take pride in providing durable, long lasting, lightweight and easy to install dock systems, which is why we were thrilled to work with Colin Hunter on Cottage Life TV’s Decks Docks and Gazebos! Working with Colin we got the chance to show a seasoned contractor just how easy it is to assemble a CanadaDocks™ system, and install a beautiful dock for a great family.

Their Old Dock



The owners Bryan and Michelle had just upgraded from a small cabin to a bigger and better cottage to make room for their growing family. Since moving in they had already done plenty of work, having spent months renovating, getting the proper permits and clearing the waterfront of trees and debris, the only piece of the puzzle missing was their dock. Their old dock was unsafe, aged and simply too small for their family and boat. They needed a lightweight, durable docking system that can withstand harsh conditions and can be taken in and out of the water no problem.

The New Dock



We’re happy to say that our standing pole dock system was the perfect solution for the job; we’ve designed it to be light enough for two people to pick up each section and carry it out of the water without hurting themselves, also being made from marine grade aluminum and topped with Thruflow™ decking it’s sure to last for many years to come.

Our dock kit comes with all the needed parts and instructions, so within a day Colin and our technicians had the dock built and in the water. Had it been a wooden dock the build could’ve taken over a week to complete, but with the CanadaDocks™ system it was quick and easy. In fact Colin remarked himself that this was one of the easiest times he’s experienced building a dock. Now that’s what we like to hear.

The family was thrilled with the end result, they couldn’t believe how durable, lightweight and stylish the dock really was, and they could finally say that they were happy with every aspect of their cottage.

Happy to help another satisfied customer!



Watch a quick recap of the episode here!

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