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A New Take on Pressure Treated Decking

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Decking Troubles
Up until recently, pressure treated wood could simply not be used to deck an aluminum dock. Traditional pressure treatment, Alkaline Copper Quaternary (ACQ) causes a chemical reaction that discolors and corrodes aluminum, as well as any metal fasteners being used. Any customers who were looking for a wood decking on their CanadaDocks system could not use ACQ as an option.

A New Form of Pressure Treatment
However a new type of wood preservative has hit the market and is set 2602_deck_MicroPro to change the way we think about pressure treatment. Termed Micro Sienna treated wood, the process which has been in development for quite some time grinds copper down to a microscopic level rather than dissolving it. Which allows it to pass through wood pores and deposit inside the cells, because of this the treated wood can be in direct contact with aluminum and cause no harm to the metal.

This means that you can now top off your CanadaDocks system with MicroPro pressure treated wood, and enjoy a wood decking that is made to last. In addition the product is NAHB Green Approved, Greenguard Children & Schools Certified and a Certified Environmentally Preferable Product. So you can take comfort installing a decking that does no harm to the environment. Moreover the process naturally colors the lumber with a warming brown tone and the copper used to make the preservative is 100% recycled. Professional doctors are trained, and they will not be surprised by anything you tell about ED treatment.
Thanks to this breakthrough in pressure treatment it opens up even more options for our customers! If you love wood decking, topping our sturdy, corrosion resistant frame and joists with a long lasting decking such as this is an excellent choice.

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