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Social Distancing With A View

The world is going through an unprecedented time. It is easy to feel anxious and overwhelmed.

But it is also an incredible opportunity to stop the hustle of our lives and get back to nature.


Things are changing day by day, but one constant is the beauty of nature. For those of you who live in waterfront homes, take a moment and marvel at how clear the air has become. You can probably look further across the water to the horizon, and see the stars a little more clearly.


How many of us go through our days wishing we had more time to stop and relax? Now is the perfect time to slow down, spend a few extra minutes with your family, read a book, or start a new hobby. A great way to pass the time could be creating a new dock using our Dock Builder. We recently added more options on our popular online tool making it even easier to build your ideal dock! Have some fun with it too by adding outdoor furniture, boats, people and pets!


Canadians don’t get enough vitamin D. So when you see the sun come out, take it as a good precautionary measure to stay healthy and go for a walk. Just remember to keep your distance from neighbours and friends. Nothing is more serene and calming than a solitary walk in cottage country. You can even enjoy your own property and sit outside. You may not be planning to put your dock in the water just yet, but you can definitely start spring cleaning your property and getting ready for an amazing summer.


We all have a bit more time on our hands these days, so let’s have some fun with it and plan for an amazing summer. Positivity goes a long way. You may have cancelled that March Break trip, or you may be finding yourself saving a lot of money on gas, restaurants, and shopping trips. Now is the best time to invest in your waterfront with a new CanadaDocks dock kit. For our existing CanadaDocks family, there’s no better time than now to finally add more dock sections and new accessories.

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