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Why Aluminum Docks?

At CanadaDocks we sometimes hear customers ask “why aluminum docks?” and it’s a fair question. Why didn’t we make our docks out of steel or other metals? Simply put aluminum is the best material to use for a docking system, it’s lightweight, highly durable and corrosion resistant. When compared to  other materials, aluminum wins every time. Wood is a high maintenance product that needs to be refinished every season to continue looking good and steel is heavy and much more prone to corrosion. With aluminum you have neither of these issues, but it doesn’t stop there. Our aluminum is industrial grade strength, so it is even more durable and it comes packaged with a protective plastic film to prevent scratches scuffs before assembly.

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Aluminum vs Steel

Aluminum and steel may seem quite similar but there many advantages of aluminum that you may not first consider. On average a steel build will weigh 35% to 45% more than aluminum to be of equal strength, this means that you can build an aluminum dock that weighs 45% less than the same strength steel dock. Steel is also known to corrode much more quickly than aluminum, even when covered in a protective layering, steel simply diminishes at a faster rate than aluminum.

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Aluminum vs Wood

Wood for some is the most attractive choice, simply because they love the look of a wooden made dock. We do sell our frame with a wood decking, however we always recommend going to maintenance free route and choosing the complete kit with Thruflow decking. Wood simply does not last the test of time, refinishing, power washing, water absorption are all issues you have to deal with, with a wood dock but not with a aluminum one. With our complete kit you won’t have to worry anymore, just install and enjoy.

8'x24' Floating Dock

CanadaDocks is the only dock system that is 100% weld free, what does that mean? It means or system has virtually no weak points, so you can sleep sound knowing your dock it made to last. We take pride in knowing that no one makes their docks like we do. That is because our trusses are made from a single piece of stamped aluminum in our sister companies automotive prototyping facility, because of this unique set up we have access to state of the art machinery to create our aluminum docks.

Our aluminum docks are docks that are built to last. Why not make the switch to the last dock you’ll ever need?!



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