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4′ Complete Dock Corner Kit


Call to order: 1.877.434.0359

Add more space to you dock with a CanadaDocks™ 4′ Dock Corner Kit. Can be attached to almost any 90 degree angle on our standing dock systems. Also available in 8′.

Use our Dock Builder application to configure this section and many more to build your ideal dock.

4′ Complete Dock Corner Kit comes with:

  1. One (1) 4′ truss spanning across 45 degree angle
  2. Two (2) 34″ trusses intersecting at a 90 degree angle
  3. ThruFlow™ – Panel cut to size
  4. Hanging Bracket and Quick Link kit
  5. All necessary hardware

Dock Weight: 

30 lbs / 13 kg
(w/o decking 17 lbs / 7 kg)


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